8'6 Walden Magic Wahine

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Walden Surfboards was the first company to design an entire line of surfboards just for women.

The Magic Model is the original modern longboard, an all around performance surfboard and nose rider. The Magic Model is designed for all wave heights and all skill levels, just as fun in small surf as it is in big surf.  The Magic Model hull has a unique design, so unique it has a patent. Starting at the nose the hull has a single concave that transitions into a double concave about midway through the board and ends towards the tail forming a moderate “V” for fluid rail to rail transitions. The Magic Model rails have a hard edge from nose to tail, unlike round railed boards which push through water and allow water to wrap around the board slowing it down,  the Magic's hard rails glide on top the water creating a sensitivity and quickness that makes the board fast and easy to turn. What this all means...the concave at the nose adds lift and stability, perfect for nose riding. The double con-caved hull and hard rails make the board fast, stable, responsive and maneuverable in all conditions.

Fins not included

8'0" 22" 2.75" 58.2 L
8'6" 22" 2.75" 61.8 L



Can be ridden with either a single fin or a 2+1 setup will allow you to put in a center fin paired with smaller sidebites. This give the board more drive and control through turns as well as more stability. Great for beginner to intermediate surfers and people trying to surf their board with more performance. Since you will be using three fins in this configuration - it is recommended to use a smaller center fin. For example, if your board is 9 foot - you should consider using a 6.5"-7" cutaway, flex, or all around fin with your 2+1 setup.

You have the option on how to cluster your fins with a 2+1 setup by moving your center fin closer or further away from the side bites. Basically - the closer together your fin cluster is, the faster the board will turn and will feel more responsive. With your fin cluster spread out further, the board will feel more in control and allow you to perform wider and more drawn out turns.

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