Donald Takayama

9'6 Takayama Beach Break

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The Beach Break by Donald Takayama is a high performance, progressive longboard. Dubbed the "Beach Break" due to it's ability to make steep punchy drops thanks to it's extra rocker. Combined with other features such as hard down rails, squash tail and performance nose all combine to make the Beach Break Donald’s most innovative longboard of all time.

This 2 + 1 setup can be described as Donald’s high performance, progressive longboard.

Using a traditional thruster setup but with a slight difference, a 2+1 fin setup has a larger center fin, where a thruster setup has three equal sized fins, a 2+1 has two smaller rail fins or otherwise known as "sidebites", and larger central fin. 

The sidebites offer greater lift, control, and stability to the board when it's on the rail, typically a 2+1 won't be used for a shortboard or fish, but for longboards giving you a better option than a single fin.

Ideal Conditions: Small to medium size waves on the clear or choppy surf.

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