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SmoothStar 32.5″ Pro Model Filipe Toledo #77

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The new 34” Toledo #77 is the newest SmoothStar model for teamrider Filipe Toledo. SmoothStar is the Surf Trainer that Filipe “loves”. Filipe was specific in the design process of his new model… and we delivered. The new Toledo 34″ has deeper concave in the deck and wider wheels at the back. Both of these features enable Filipe to push harder through his surf turns and hold the rail without sliding out. Then end result is riders can practice much more powerful surf turns whilst maintaining loosness through critical turns.


Tech Specs

Turning Mechanism SmoothStar Thruster D 
Deck Length 32.5″ Toledo #77 Matt/Gloss Black
Deck Thickness 5 x ply Stradified American Bearch + 2 x ply Candian Maple
Deck Width 26cm
Wheel Base Meduim front and Large Back
Wheels New SmoothStar Toledo #77
Wheel Bearings ABEC 7
Trucks Matt Black Black powder coated aluminium 


The true surf trainers, Smooth Stars are made only to emulate the feeling of carving up and down the face of a wave. SmoothStar use what they call a thruster under the front truck of the board. The thruster truck is able to rotate a full 360 degrees if chosen, allowing a large variance in how the owner wants this board to feel and react under their feet. The thruster allows you to load weight on the back with speed, to then heavily lean into wide carves or aggressive power maneuvers. As you transfer your weight from side to side and back to front, you will feel the truck react and provide you with speed as you go side to side much like pumping along a wave to build momentum