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SmoothStar 34″ Connor O’Leary

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The 34” is original signature model of 2022 World #9 surfer Connor
O’Leary. The 34” is suited to adult surfers 6’ – 6’2” in height.
The 34” has a deep concave and is suited to surfers who wish to push
hard through the rail. The 34” has a smaller model 31” which is smaller
in dimensions for the smaller adults or teenagers.
This is the high performance board for surfers over 6’ in height that
want their board to feel more responsive but have hold through
powerful turns.

Turning Mechanism: SmoothStar Thruster D
Deck Length: 34”
Deck Thickness: 5 ply Stratified American Beech,
2 ply Canadian Maple

Deck Width: 26.5cm
Wheels: Large front & back
Wheel Bearings: ABEC 7
Trucks: Blue powder coated aluminium
Colours: Navy/Grey